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Small Businesses

Creating a website is not the only way we can support you as a small business, we also help you use your website the best possible way with things like email marketing, blogs, social media integration. We are the one stop shop to help you bring your business to the next level


Why not start your business with a website or a web app. It gives you a quick start and gets you in the level of the market if not ahead of it. We understand the world of start-Ups and we have enough expertise to guide you through the start.


No matter how big of an enterprise you are, we are available to help you build your next project or provide listening ears in form of consultation and help you with decision making.


You might not be a Small business, start-up or enterpise but you need a website for yourself or for whatever reason. we are for you and ready to work on whatever idea you want to pursue.

Here's just a list of technologies we can use to solve your problems


the solid foundation WordPress provides we are able to provide any time of website you desire, be it a personal portfolio or even an online store for your business, wordpress gives you the oppurtunity to add things to your website yourself and have us deal with the code aspect of things


With Angulat 2 we are able to create for you, single page applications to fit your needs so whatever form of Webapp you desire, we can help you create applications just using angular 2 which is backed by google so you know you have strong support.

Mean Stack

The Mean is a full stack development environment that lets you build web appl and even mobile applications quickly. These are very easy to scale due to the type of database being used and are also very fast too. This is one of the best solutions to building multiplatoform application for the market.